6th July 2008 (Magician Vs Spartan in Wimbledon)

It has been much anticipated day with sporting events starting from evening.To start with,it is nice cool sleep which made me to wake up at 9:30a.m.I surfed along with my friend for accommodation in my university in housing site.The search continued for almost 2 hours.All the required information gathered and session suspended for the day.Afternoon started like bore but eventually got excited when my friend called me to play.In evening,I went to his house and had a nice game of cricket.After that ,I rushed to home so that not to miss the most anticipated match between Federer and Nadal in Wimbledon final.This match is very special for both players.For Federer,he will able to cross Bjorn Borg record of 5 straight wimbledon titles and to equal Renshaw's record.For Nadal,he will be the next to Borg who will win French and Wimbledon in the same year.The game started in a big way and had various nail biting moments which made it game of the tournament.However Nadal took hold of the game by taking first two sets by muscling great ground strokes for which even Federer don't have an answer.This is the first time when I saw Federer got angered and made me to realize "Even Federer is a human".After 2 sets,3rd set was interrupted by rain giving everyone a breather in crunch and fabulous encounter between Magician Federer and Spaniard Spartan Nadal.That's how I finished the day and fingers crossed for the much awaited result of final tomorrow.