Ayodhya,Aadhar,CWG,Robo….what’s more coming?

These last few days are quite an eventful days in Indian History.Wondering how these effect Indian History, let get into details straight away:

Robo : Robo is the one of the most anticipated movies of the year and costliest movie ever from India.It has all the big stars in Indian Cinema like Rajnikanth,Aiswaraya rai,Shankar,A R Rahman etc and technical values from famous studio which involved in films like Avatar,Jurassic park etc.It is sci-fi movie and hoping to watch it in this week.Looking at the teaser videos, it feels like Hollywood movie from India.I hope this rewrite all the records and take Indian Cinema to new heights.

Trailor video of Robot:


Aadhar : Aadhar or Unique Identification Number Project is the biggest project by Government of India has launched by giving UIDs to 10 tribal people from Maharashtra.This project (headed by Infosys CEO,Nandan Nilekani) provides UIDs to billion people so that there will one card for everything from tax payments to voting in elections.This can reduce corruption and make governance easier.

CWG (Common Wealth Games ) : CWG 2010 is conducted in New Delhi starting this Sunday.It is the one of the biggest sporting events that our country has organized after Afro-Asian games in 2003.There has been many reports of corruption in huge scale while preparing for event,construction and providing facilities.But looking at the snapshots of the stadium and facilities, I am amazed with the work of thousands of engineers and laborers and hope this event will be a success without any hiccups.This event should showcase the true potential of India and use this opportunity for getting a chance to organize Olympics like China in coming years.

Ayodhya verdict : The most awaited verdict by a billion people is finally out.It has no surprises but the real surprise came from people of India. Though the verdict doesn’t favored one community, fortunately there is no violence against it.This showed again that the real Unity in Diversity of India.This is a welcome change that people believing that better India is more important than religion.


All these are showing  India not only one of the world’s fastest economies but also a better place to be in.What are your views?