Birth of Universe


Yesterday I saw a program in Discovery named "Birth of Discovery".It is fascinating but confusing as well to know about the universe and how it evolved.It all started with Big Bang explosion and a time line used to show the evolution of planets,stars and other extra terrestrial objects in the universe.After the Big bang,the universe is all about energy.Energy is flowing around like a super heated and frictionless liquid.According to Einstein's famous equation E=mc2 ,mass and energy are inter convertible.Amazingly, after thousands of years,energy slowly started to form matter.This matter combined to form basic elements like Hydrogen and Helium.These elements are sources to form vast variety of elements that we see today.The temperatures fallen from billions of degrees into negative degrees and enabling the planets like Earth to have conditions suitable for life.Thus everything in and around of our planet i.e., water,air,you and me are all formed from the energy after Big bang.