Crazy Cricket!!!

Hi folks,

It has been long time since our last post about sport.It is nice to be back with an intro to another interesting sport that is gathering momentum to spread throughout the world.Cricket is considered to be Gentlemen's game by many critics.It is game of runs and wickets and one of the sports which involves many numbers.It is game of timing and quick decision making which makes it so special and different from other sports.

Though it has centuries of history , cricket has never matched the flamboyance of Football ,arrogance of Rugby and intelligence of Chess.It is limited to Australia,England,West Indies,a few African nations and Common wealth nations in a century old.It has many reasons for limited popularity of the game but the popular one is time takes to complete a game.It is set to hit the world with a all new version i.e.,T20 cricket.

Before getting into details,rules and regulations of the cricket,as we always does,lets remind a few legends of the game that world has never seen.It is rare to have a team with 2 or 3 legends but if it has 9 or10 of the total team.It is the Great West Indian team of 1980's which ruled cricket for decades is probably greatest of all time .