Interesting Blogs to follow

There are so many blogs in the internet now its becoming too hard to find a quality one. I would like  to point a few blogs that I have been following for quite a long time and post really interesting things.
  •  hitXP (Human Intelligence To-solve Xtreme Problems) : Its been one of the blogs that I have been following it for years now. It’s a fascinating blog by Gurudev with so many kinds of topics from chicken-egg problem to Boson or God particle related articles.I am amazed with his style of writing and how he handles the topic with ease and brilliance.Its one of the best blogs I ever encountered.
  • Digital Inspiration : This blog is one of the oldest and famous blogs from India by professional blogger Amit Aggarwal.Its tech savvy blog that has how-to guides, news and links to so many other technology blogs.
  • : This one is for people who like economics. It has become one of my favorite blogs lately.It has details of how stocks work,establishing startup companies and other business related issues in India and alround the world.
  • Mashable : is one of the famous blogs for social media and technology related news.
Blogs are the best sources of information to keep you updated in this fast moving Information age and always keep you a step ahead. For following blogs, I recommend to use Google Reader from browser or desktop client Feed Demon for easier interface and faster reading.Blogs are like books.Once you start,you can’t stop yourself reading these never ending books.Happy reading!!!