iPhone – world in your hand

I got iPhone 4 last week and have already been my must-have companion all along this week whether it may be finding timings of NJ Transit,getting a coupons for NY cruises or in giving directions to a South Indian restaurant. I thought of buying iPhone when I first came to USA but it happened after 2 long years.Its very exciting to have it after such a long time of aspiration.After the purchase of my first computer, iPhone 4 is definitely the notable electronic I used.I think its interface and design is best in the business. I am happy with it without any signal  issues that scared me to delay the purchase and thought of sharing some features that caught my eye in a week usage.  iphone 4

  • First and foremost feature is Facetime. It may be available only on Wi-Fi but the interface and functionality of it is the best of its kind.It never been such easier to talk face to face when moving.Switching between front and back camera while chatting makes you to share surrounding in an eye blink.
  • Next comes is the iBooks. I am  a reluctant reader who reads books when it is needed to. iBooks is making me to look into book more frequently than before. I have started Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and hoping to finish.
  • Cameras : Two cameras (front and back) of iPhone are valuable components of its hardware. Though back cam as specified is 5 megapixel cam, its quality beats most of the 8 megapixel cameras available in the market.It supports HD video and quality is immaculate.Front cam, which is the real enabler of Facetime , is VGA cam of decent quality.
  • AppStore : There are as many as 200,000+ apps for iPhone for every purpose from navigation to recreation.To name few useful apps I used, Shazam,Facebook,Firefox Home,Red Laser,Siri etc. are all for free and highly productive.We will see more on essential apps to have in a future post.
  • Last but not the least that I like is voice mail. Using a voice mail never been that easy for me as I upgraded from Nokia 2630 to iPhone.

Though these are few to point out in iPhone, . As they say,”For every good ,there is a bad that follows it.”, I am disappointed in few areas.I would like to have flash support and longer battery life.Overall in my view, iPhone is the best smartphone in the world now . I would recommend it anytime and must-have experience .Thanks to Steve Jobs and Apple for giving a wonderful product to the world!!!