Japan disaster– an eye-opener for all

Japan has seen it all in a span of week. It suffered a series of natural calamities accompanied by nuclear meltdown which brought one of the fastest growing nation to stand still. Thanks to  social networks and media, everyone of us witnessed the devastating images of them. Being such a technically advanced nation and having the foresight and experience of previous earthquakes,Japan handled the disaster and after effects in best possible way. Every nation is trying to help Japan to get out of this pitiable situation. For making donations for Japan Relief fund from Red Cross, click here.

Image and Video of Japan diaster :



While Japan recovering, one has to question oneself about their nations that “Are we prepared for this if not bigger? ” . As Japan is on the Pacific Ring of fire where earthquake activity is highest, it has taken preventive measures for minimizing the damage and human loss. But there are many developing and poor nations that are not even prepared for any disaster forget about this magnitude.This unpreparedness is not because of negligence but out of  helplessness. By collaborating with developed countries and achieving respected standard of living for all the citizens can only focus them to these problems. Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano etc. are challenges for entire mankind which can only solved by efforts from all over the world. Instead for working after the disaster, if the countries work together to develop a standard warning system for every country and prevent loss happening at all.

That’s for natural calamities, coming to nuclear or man made disasters, its better to avoid them and invent ways to use renewable resources like wind,solar etc. effectively. Nuclear plants are helpful for energy but  always dangerous because if uncontrolled, can lead to not only large human loss but also making the place inhabitable and after effects.Unless there is a way to control it in worst situation like in Japan now, the plants has to be established far in isolated places.We cannot avoid natural calamites but at least we should not create our own.

Disasters are the one of those events where nations work together. If this cooperation can happen more often for eradicating diseases, food sufficiency and other solvable problems, we can see world in a better shape.Collaboration is the only way we can survive and succeed.Hope this starts as early as possible and Japan recovery will be the start of this .http://radiojunkee.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/japan-tsunami-before-after-1.jpg