Once upon a time…

All the good old stories always used to start with those lines.Yes today I feel like sharing a story with you. This story has its humor with wisdom.All the credits for this story has to go to one of my dearest friends.So lets start the story now.
Once upon a time there is a king and an intelligent minister.One day coming back from evening walk with minister, king cut his finger off while closing the door.
In lot of pain he shouted : “Why did it happen to me?
then minister replied back: “Everything happens for good.”
Listening to minister’s reply made Akbar angry and ordered soldiers to keep minister in jail for improper behavior.
             After few days, one fine morning king went for hunting into forest.While he was hunting for a deer,a group of man eating tribes attacked and caught him. The tired and tied king was brought to their camp and started preparations for cooking him to eat for dinner.Meanwhile, head of the tribe started examining king’s body as they have norms like not to eat a handicap or injured creature etc. Fortunately for king, tribal head found that Akbar doesn’t have a finger which he lost earlier so they considered him to be handicap and released him.
            Coming back to palace with happiness and joy of escaping death, king reminded himself minister’s words of wisdom and released the minister from jail.While talking after a long time,
King  :“You are so true that everything happens for good.As I cut my finger on that day, I am alive now.”
             “But I have a question for you.If everything happens for good, what good happened for you by going to jail ?“
Minister (with a smile):“If I would not have gone to jail, I would have come along with you to the forest.They might have killed me after releasing you.So in that way, its good for me to be in jail”.
King appreciated his minister’s wisdom and went to their homes before the dusk.
Moral of story : Everything happens for good.As they say in 3 Idiots (Bollywood movie), “Aal Izz Well
That’s end of moral story from my side, till next post….sayonara!!!