Simplicity is divine

Simplicity defined to be uncomplicated. This attribute does not mean doing uncomplicated work but doing work in an uncomplicated way. All the greats that I have been admiring since my childhood have a personal trait in common i.e., simplicity. They make their work look so simple that their way is the only way to greatness.Personalities to name a few such as Albert Einstein,Mahatma Gandhi,Sachin Tendulkar etc. are all contributed to their fields in their own way.Let me tell you how these greats said the world that simplicity is divine through their works. 

E = mc2 by Einstein is the one of the most path breaking equations of all time.Its applications are enormous ranging from PET(Positron Emission Tomography) scans in hospitals to energy calculation in nuclear bombs.The equation’s elegance lies in explaining complicated mass – energy relation in a most simple possible way. Even a non-physicist can understand that as it says ‘under right conditions, Mass and Energy are inter-convertible’. He is an example for Simplicity in expression of thought.

Mahatma Gandhi is an internationally renowned Indian leader who led the only non-violent Independence struggle against Britishers.His principle is ‘ahimsa paramo dharamah ’ (means non-violence is the ultimate duty that can be performed) influenced many Indians irrespective of their culture,religion or race to join the movement and made an empire like Britain to declare independence on August 15 ,1947 after two centuries.His simple life style and principles made him ‘Father of the Nation’. He is an example for Simplicity in life style.

Sachin Tendulkar is the most worshipped cricketer in the past 20 years and greatest batsman after Don Bradman.To sum up his popularity,a quote from his fans ‘In India, Cricket is religion and Sachin is God’.His batting style is simple and compact making very difficult to bowlers all over the world.Timing and placement of shots  and grace in the shots make him spectator’s delight.He makes batting look simple that it will never be that easy.He is an example for Simplicity in redefining how sport has to be played.

These few great people are self disciplined and committed to their work that makes their style of work so simple and great. These people always reminds me that ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication that can be done’.So this comes to the end of another post, next time I like to share my experience with my new and first smartphone, iPhone 4.