Mahesh Gudladona

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To be a software engineer with a scope of improving my skills and contributing to the all-round success of the team and company by taking up new challenges.


  • Programming Languages
    • C#, C++, Java(core), Ruby
  • Web Technologies
    • ASP.NET, ASP. NET MVC, Javascript, HTML, CSS, XML, Ruby On Rails, React
  • IDE Tools
    • Visual Studio, Sql Server Management Studio
  • Databases
    • SQL SERVER, Access 2007/2003,Oracle 9i/8i, Postgres
  • Middleware
    • NHibernate, ActiveRecord, ADO.NET, Web Services, RESTful services, WCF, LINQ, Elastic search, MicroStrategy, Nodejs
  • Revision Control Systems
    • Git, Mercurial, VSS
  • Build Tools
    • Bamboo, Jenkins
  • Other Utilities
    • ildasm, gacutil, sn, svcutil, Visual Studio SDK,Splunk


  • Masters in Computer Science, Syracuse University (2010) with GPA: 3.43
  • Bachelors in Information Science and Technology, KL College of Engineering (2008) with %: 84


ABCO India Private Ltd

  • Roles:
    • Lead Engineer (May 2016 - Present)
    • Senior Software Engineer (Jan 2014 – Apr 2016)
    • Software Engineer (Apr 2012 - Dec 2013)
  • Product: Population Health Reporting is an analytics product for hospitals to understand local population for delivering better health care. (Timeline: Feb 2016 – Present)
    • Responsibilities
      • Working as Dev lead in capability team of 8 and collaborates with 2 other teams in platform.
      • Worked on various features like Organization hierarchy to make physician level roll ups work at higher levels , bringing product specific data to DHA for migration etc
      • Does code and design reviews within team and across teams
      • Works with PM and Dev manager for product roadmap and release planning
    • Environment: SSIS, MicroStrategy, SQL Server 2008/2014, Postgres

    • Other projects
      • Eva: Led team of 5 in hackathon to build voice/chat based assistant for providing analytics and won innovative idea award (Environment: Ruby on Rails,, Chrome webkit)
      • Slacker: Carpool app developed in 2 day hackthon of FEE Bootcamp with 4 member team.(Environment:, NodeJs, Javascript, HTML, CSS)
      • Co-started Bog blogs to encourage writing blogs and share useful info across company. Bog blogs are quick informative one pagers which are easy to write and read within 30 secs.
      • Attended Frontend, AWS and Microstrategy trainings within company.
  • Product: Healthpost is physician appointment scheduling platform to enable patients reach out nearby best doctors. (Timeline: Oct 2015 – Jan 2016)
    • Responsibilities
      • Part of 3 person Analytics capability team with biweekly releases
      • Developed initial framework to collect data for Inventory reporting
    • Environment: Ruby on Rails 2, Mysql, Docker for development environment
  • Product: Crimson Market Advantage (CMA) is analytics application to help hospitals find the top physicians in their area for providing better care and growing business.(Timeline: Apr 2012 – Sept 2015)
    • Responsibilities
      • Developed various features like:
        • Improving loading framework for both master and member databases
        • Improved global search by providing suggestions while typing and fuzzy matching
        • Developed RESTful web service for exposing our data to other teams
        • Involved in development and support while implementing Single Sign On for our application
      • Worked on new product in micro service architecture under CMA umbrella.
        • Actively involved in database schema design and API using Nancy framework
        • Building ETL process for automating loading process using internal products
        • Created build infrastructure using Bamboo.
      • Worked as a Release manager for 2-3 releases.
    • Environment: .NET 4.5.2, ASP.NET MVC 3, SQL Server 2008, Elastic search, Splunk

End Client : Humana Inc.

  • Role: .NET Developer (Jan 2011 – Dec 2011)
  • Projects
    • New environment Setup for NBWF
      • Responsibilities
        • Analyzed code and debugged the code in local machines by solving issues like access rights, missing libraries, IIS deployment issues etc.
        • Categorized code for all the services into sub folders and organized entire structure in solution file.
        • Built and created installers for all the services before updating SVN repository.
        • Created all folder structures required for services as Architect requested.
        • Installed and tested all the services in App server and website in Web server.
    • PCI Non-Compliance Project
      • Responsibilities
        • Analyzed and updated the team about the feasibility of automating the process of masking non compliant information in file repositories of Keyfile and Microbank.
        • Worked on application for masking policy images with the help of NBWF pdf templates.
        • Coordinated with Offshore team in creating application for downloading, masking and uploading new policy images into ICM.
    • Client Reporting Troubleshooting
      • Responsibilities
        • Studied the Client reporting application with the help of Offshore team.
        • Resolved issues occurred in User and QA testing by coordinating with AS 400 team and updated team with proper solutions.
    • Other Projects
      • Documented all the available applications information into powerpoint slides and spreadsheet which will be useful for Data Center Migration (DCM) project.
      • Involved in Production Support for code changes and issue resolve.
  • Environment: .NET 3.5, C#, ASP.NET, WCF, SQL Server 2005/2008, XML


Side Projects

  • : Blog site using Jekyll
  • Spot-it : Android game app which is online version of Spot it game.
  • Movienet : Movie discovery and sharing website in React and Nodejs
  • Sudoku Solver : Console app to solve Sudoku puzzle using Singles, Naked pair elimination to X-wing technique. (C#,Visual Studio 2010)
  • Address Book: Console app for Address book. (C, File streams)

Academic Projects

  • SPINACH (Swarmed Parallel Interpreter for Numerical Analysis with Collaborated Hosts):
    • Plot module is one of the five modules in the application which takes commands in serialized XML input format and displays the 2D and 3D graphs on the application canvas. (.NET 3.5, C#, WPF, XML)
  • Small Parallel Interpreter for Numerical Analysis (SPINA): This is a windows application where user can enter or load the programs in text format and run them to display the results (C++, Antlr3, Winforms)
  • Module Dependency Graphs: This project involves developing a template-based set of classes to represent list of graphs that are built by parsing XML file in C++.
  • Remote Test Harness with Charting: This is implemented in Client/Server Architecture using socket communication in C++
  • Employee Self Service using ERP model: This deals with the development of a web based application to provide selective information to the employees (.NET 2.0, ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2005)
  • Clam Shell : This is a shell program simulation using Flex and YACC in FreeBSD 5.2.
  • Calculator using RDP : This project involves implementing arithmetic calculator using recursive descent parsing(RDP) in C and Flex.


  • Completed 5 day trek (Yuksom - Dzhongri) and 4 day trek near Leh
  • Organized technical events as a member of Technical committee FIST (Federation of Information Science Technocrats) in college for 2 years.